Sh. Prabhjot Singh, IAS
Deputy Commissioner's Message

District Child Welfare Council, Sirsa

District Child Welfare Council, Sirsa is playing a vital role in allround development and welfare of Children in District Sirsa. The various activities being carried out by the council are as follows :

  1. Creche : District Child Welfare Council is running 64 Creches in the District. Every Centre has a provision of enrolling 25 Children in the age group of 0 to 5 years. Every Child is given nourishment rating to Re 1.05 per day. Each centre has a provision of kid toys, pre-school education and medical health checkup programme being carried out from time to time.
  2. Balwaris : The council is running two Balwaris, having a provision of enrolling 40 children in the age group of 3 to 6 Years. Each Child is given nourishment rating to Re 1.05. These centres are running at Khairpur and J.J. Colony, Sirsa.
  3. Household/Hobby Classes : Seven such classes are running at various villages like Baragudha, Bharokhan, Bhurtwala, Bhangu, Neza Dela Khurd, HandiKhera and Kalanwali. Various items required are supplied free. The libraries are also established in such centres.
  4. Bal Bhawan, Sirsa : The District HQ of the Council is situated at Barnala Road, It offers a variety of activities like Dance Classes, Photography, Painting, Radio/TV Repairing, Yoga for overall development of the children. Some other activities of Bal Bhawan are described below :
    1. Creche : Two Creches are running in the premises of Bal Bhawan Sirsa. The Children in the age group 0 to 5 Years of working Women are enrolled in these Creches, ,each having a provision of enrolling 25 Children. A lot of Credles are there for recreation of the Children.
    2. BRUCO Baby Train : For recreation of Children, a facility of Baby Train is provided in the premises of Bal Bhawan Sirsa, which is also an income generating means for Bal Bhawan Sirsa.
    3. Ajit Aeroplane : An Aeroplane has been exhibited by Govt. Of India, Deptt. Of Defence, which is a source of attraction for general public as well as kids.
    4. Museum : Museum at First Floor of Bal Bhawan Sirsa was inaugurated on 26.04.2001 by Smt Umesh Nanda, IAS, Commissioner, Hisar Division, Hisar. It aims at alround development of the Children and boost their historic knowledge. Till date, 2504 Visitors have visited this museum.
    5. Computer Training Centre :  Computer Training Centres are running at Bal Bhawan Sirsa and Dabwali. 107 Students at Bal Bhawan Computer Centre Sirsa and 33 Students at Dabwali were enrolled in the year 2001-2002 and were issued certificates. Computer Centre each at Rania and Ellenabad were also established by the Council on 26/3/2002.
    6. Hobby Class : Various Hobby Classes like Dance, Painting, Mehandi etc are running in Bal Bhawan premises.
  5. Mini Bal Bhawan, Mandi Dabwali : The Council has established a Mini Bal Bhawan in the premises of Old Court at Mandi Dabwali, which boasts of having a Computer Training Centre and Creche.
  6. Mini Bal Bhawan, Mandi Kalanwali : The construction of building for Mini Bal Bhawan Kalanwali has been completed. It is having a provision of a Computer Training Centre. A Stitching Centre was also established with the help of DRDA in which 40 Women were imparted training.
  7. Celebration of Children's Day : The Children's Day is celebrated with a great pomp and show every year. Various Competitions are held and stalls are arranged on the day. Sweets and Fruits are distributed to children on this day.
  8. Drug Awareness and Counseling Centre : The Centre provides free drug awareness and counseling to registered drug victims.
  9. Training to Anganwari Workers : Training to Anganwari Workers is provided in the Anganwari Training Centre running in Working Women's Hostel.
  10. PARYAS - Special School for Mentally Retarded Children : A special School catering to the needs of Mentally Retarded Children has been set-up with the staff as Principal, 5 Teachers and Helpers. The new building of the school was inaugurated on 30th November 2001 by Sh L. M. Goyal, Chief Secretary Haryana.
  11. Science Re-creation Centre : A Science Re-Creation Centre is being run by National Science Centre, New Delhi in the prermises of Bal Bhawan Sirsa. The Children gain a lot about Scientific aspects. The Centre has a Planetarium, Mini Zoo, Re-Creation Centre and other Scientific Appliances. During the Year 1999-2000, 4675 persons, 8659 Students and 99 Schools paid a visit to this centre.
  12. Street Children Project : The Council is running a project named as  Street Children Project under which Free Education is provided to 100 Students. Nutrition, Stationery and Uniform is also distributed time to time.

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