Digital Equalizer

The mission of the Digital Equalizer program is to advance the use of technology to engage, enrich and empower India’s under-served children. Digital Equalizer seeks to bridge the digital and educational divide in India by providing computers, software, Internet access and training to children and teachers in underprivileged schools across India.

Students, who would normally not have access to such technology oriented framework become proficient in its usage and thus develop skills that are necessary in the 21st century work force. The program blends information technology literacy training (learning how to use computers) and computer-aided learning (learning to use computers to learn other subjects) so that students learn to use computers, not as an end in itself, but as a means to furthering their education.
The DE center provides training to teachers that couples pedagogical methods with using technology in the classroom. Students, in turn, are trained to use digital technology and the Internet in their education.

This focuses on empowering the subject teachers by imparting the need based technology training, covering wide spectrum of skills required in day-to-day teaching through a trust namely  American India Foundation, USA. It provides teacher’s training and capacity building inputs and monitor the programme in 25 government schools located in the district.

District Administration, Sirsa has established the Digital Equalizer technology center at DIET, Ding. As per proposal submitted by American India Foundation, USA, It has set up the technology center in DIET equipped with 15-20 computers, furniture, battery back-up and networking at their own costs. The other components/Facilities provided by the district administration include adequate space for establishing computer lab, appointment of teacher coordinator etc. and also have to bear the recurring expenses viz. electricity charges, internet charges, consumables, material/handouts for the teachers etc.