Number of Schools upgraded from the Year 1975 to 2017-18


  1. Schools upgraded from Primary to Middle-122
  2. Schools upgraded from Middle to High-91
  3. Schools upgraded from High to 10+2- 99


Buildings of Four Schools as listed below, were constructed during the period:


  1. GSSS Abubshahar
  2. GSSS Kalanwali
  3. GSSS Mangeana
  4. GGSSS Ellenabad


The following Model Schools/ Quality School were created:


  1. Govt. Model Sanskriti Sen. Sec. School, Sirsa
  2. Govt. Girl Model Sanskriti Sen. Sec. School, Sirsa


To impart the Training to Teachers, new building for D.I.E.T. Ding was constructed during the period. GETTI Odhan/Ellenabad  were also started to impart training to Primary Teachers.


Incentive Schemes/Scholarship Schemes, as enumerated below are in vogue in the District for students.


  1. Middle School Scholarship on the basis of 5th Class Examination @ Rs 10/- per Month
  2. High School Scholarship on the basis of Middle Examination @ Rs 15/- Per Month.
  3. Harijan/Backward Classes students Scholarship for Classes 6th to 8th 30/- per Month and 9th to 10th 40/- per Month
  4. Metric Scholarship to Schedule Caste Girls for Classes 9th 80/-, 10th 100/-, 11th 120/-, 12th 140/- per Month respectively.
  5. Free dress for Schedule Caste and Weaker section Girls @ Rs 75/- p.a. to Middle Students and Rs 100/- per Annum for classes 9th and 10th.
  6. To provide Text Books to Schedule Caste/Weaker Section Students under the Book Bank Scheme.
  7. Free Stationery/Writing Material to the Students of Schedule Caste 6th to 8th 80/- per Students 9th to 12th 120/- per Students.
  8. Pre-Metric Scholarship to the Students whose Parents are working in uncleanliness  occupation as follows:


Classes 6th to 8th @ Rs. 60/- Per Months Adhoc grant 550/- per Year.

Classes 9th to 10th @ Rs. 75/- per Months Adhoc grant 550/- per Year.


Education Institution Numbers Names
University 1 Ch. Devi Lal University Sirsa,
Colleges 3 National College, CMK Girls College Sirsa, M.P. College for Woman Dabwali
B.Ed.Colleges 2 M.P. College Dabwali, Jan. Nayak Ch.Devi Lal Vidhya Pith Sirsa.
J.B.T. 1 DIET Ding
Engg. Colleges 3 Panniwala Motta, Jan. Nayak Ch. Devi Lal Engg. College,Sirsa, N. Chopta
Dental College 1 Jan. Nayak Ch.Devi Lal  Vidhya Pith Sirsa.
I.T.I. 4 Sirsa, N.Chopta,Sirsa(W),Chautala
High/Higher Schools 227
Middle Schools 143
Primary Schools 537


Day to Day Extra Activities :  P.T. Shows/ Cultural programmes organized by different schools are covered under day to day extra activities of Republic Day Celebrations. Time to Time we organized different types of Competitions relating to painting workshop at different Schools of this District. We organized Competitions at Sub-Division and also to District level. We are very happy to inform that we have 146 Schools of this District under Eco-Clubs and most of them are running very successfully.

Facility to General Public : Different types of Competitions i e Seminars, Debates, Discussion, Exhibitions related to different subjects are also organized at Sub-Division/District levels.

Different Senior Secondary Schools in this District have N.S.S.,N.C.C. and Scouts /Guides Wings and they are running smoothly in the interest of the Nation.


Model Schools: One  Model School has been established in 1998 as Govt. Senior Secondary School Sirsa.


Quality Schools:  One Quality Schools has been established as Govt. High Schools Panjuana.


Adult Education :-


  1. Sirsa Literacy Mission started on 01/1/1993 with main aim of removing illiteracy in the age group of 15-45 Years.
  2. 1.72 Lacs of  Illiterates have been recognized.
  1. Second Phase of Sirsa Literacy Mission started on 22.10.1996. Total enrolment of learners is 7728.


Stipend/ Scholarships :-


Item Rate PM Boys Girls
Middle Schools Scholarships on the basis of 5th Class Examination. 10/- 99 82
High Schools Scholarships on the basis of Middle Class Examination. 15/- 65 64


Free Dresses:-

Free Dresses for Schedule Caste and weaker section girls @ 6th to 8th 75/- per annum to middle class students and Rs. 100/- per annum for classes 9th to  12th .


Text Books:-

Provided Text Books as shown below to Schedule Caste/ Weaker section students under the Book Bank Scheme.