Fish Farmers Development Agency / Deptt. Sirsa was established with the objectives:

Renovation of village / own ponds to make them suitable for fish culture under guidance of this Agency/Department.


  • To create a class of fish farmers by providing self employment and training for fish culture.
  • To provide new avocation of fish farming to the people and thereby providing in useful employment.
  • Income to village Panchayats through leasing of Ponds.
  • Auction of fishing rights of notified water area.
  • Seed Production by induced breeding at Govt Fish Seed Farm, Ottu to provide good quality of fish seeds to farmers for fish culture in ponds.
  • To provide loan to the farmers for reclaimation of pond in own land.
  • To provide subsidy for reclaimation / renovation and inputs to fish farmers.


Fish Farmers Development Agency keeps Pond upto two years for operation & after two years lease ponds have to transferred to office of fisheries development office as per norms. During the year 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 Fish Farmers Development Agency, Sirsa leased out Panchayati Ponds by No. 54 with 53.8 Hect and no. 54 with 50.2 Hect of area respectively. Rs 382066/- and Rs 339550/- revenue received by auctioning of Ponds to Panchayats during the year 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 respectively. In addition above FFDA Sirsa excavated Seven Number of Ponds with 8.76 Hect area during the year 2001-2002 and approximately 10 Hect of area is to be excavated during the next financial year. FFDA Sirsa is searching new work of fisheries in the water logged and saline water area in order to mitigate the agriculture problem of farmers. During the year 2001-2002, FFDA Sirsa launched new fish farming known as prawn culture at village BanSudhar in the private pond of Shri Mukesh Kumar.

Assistance given to Fish Farmers by Fish Farmers Development Agency:

Item Unit Loan (Rs) Subsidy
General SC/ST
Excavation    Hect. 200000 40000 50000
Renovation of Ponds Hect. 60000 12000 15000
Inputs Hect. 3000 6000 7500
Stipend of Training Rs 50/- per day for 10 Days.

In addition to above achievements, 11 number of Loan case for Rs 2993400/- was sent to various Banks to prove with recommendation to provide loans to farmers for excavation of Ponds and inputs during the year 2001-2002.

Fish Farmer Development Agency Sirsa motivates the farmers for new techniques in the aquaculture being introduced by various Instituteseg., CIFA/ICAR time to time. In this connection, 4 private Ponds of village Bansudhar, Panniwala Mota, Bupp and Poharkan having 0.4 Hectare area each stocked with Prawn Seed during the year 2002-2003. Details of Prawn Seed stocked is as under :

Name of Village No. of Seed (Lacs)
Bansudhar 0.350
Bupp 0.190
Panniwala Mota 0.104
Poharkan 0.104

During the year 2002-2003, FFDA Sirsa has to provide assistance to the farmers whose land is effected with water logged problem under the pilot project of Govt. of India for 11.0 Hectare of area with 23.00 Lacs as per the sanction.

Source: CEO, FFDA Sirsa.