Literacy Movement


The Sirsa Literacy Mission, Sirsa started the total Literacy Campaign in this district on 01.1.1993 under the patronage of National Literacy Mission, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

The project aims at eradication of Illiteracy in age group of 15-45 years from Sirsa Distt of Haryana through a time bound programme involving a mass campaign by dedicated volunteers of Sirsa Literacy Mission, Sirsa.

The project has prognged strategy wherein it is planned to ensure 100% enrolment of children in the age group of 6-11 years and imparting functional literacy in the age group of 15-45 years. The project aim is not only to equip the learner with an ability to send their names but to make them confident and achieve participants in the community life / development programmes.

Sirsa Literacy Mission has four main aims :

  1. Akshar knowledge to illiterates.
  2. Social awareness among societies.
  3. Betterment in economic life of public in general.
  4. Involvement of persons in National Building Works like Tree Plantation, Family Welfare, Removal of evils of sex discrimination, upliftment of backward society etc.

In the First phase of Literacy Mission, which was started on 01/1/1993, the first six months of the mission were reserved for making environment building. During this period nearly 20-22 Kala Jathas were sent to nearly 225 villages for performing Geet/Nukkad Nataks for creating social awareness among public.

After completing six months nearly 1.82 Lacs of learners were recognized for Literacy Mission. Out of which total 72 thousand learners were admitted and 35 thousands learners were admitted to first primer, seven thousand to second primer and 3000 to third primer.

Due to natural calamities and unavoidable social circumstances, the first phase of the mission was closed in the month of October 1995.

In the Second Phase that started on 22/10/1996 geared its energy to the following activities :

  1. Blood Donation
  2. Family Welfare
  3. Helping the handicapped
  4. Training and cutting classes
  5. Tree plantation
  6. Helping economically weak patients
  7. Providing legal aid/consultation to folk artists of National repute.

As regards to Literacy classes, the response from the people and beneficiaries was moderate to low. Statistical data about literacy classes , Kala Jatha performance, meetings for orientation and training of functionaries were:-

Literacy : Total
Initial Enrolment : 7728
Primer I : 5434
Primer II : 2138
Primer III : 1173

(The above table doesn’t contain data of Ellenabad/Dabwali/Odhan Blocks)

Awakening and Environment Building :

No. of Kala Jathas
Village Covered
Approx. Audiences
19-7-97 to 14-8-97 One (Boys)
24-5-97 to 21-7-97 One (Girls)
25-6-97 to 21-7-97 One (Boys)
  • Total expenditure on the second phase w.e.f.. 22/10/1996 to 30/4/1998 amounted to Rs 1,98,890.00.
  • Due to paucity of whole time voluntary workers, little response from public, lack of micro planning and indifference of key departments, total literacy campaign to be suspended with effect from 16/5/1998.
  • The remaining balance in the Literacy Mission Fund nearly amounted to Rs 14,59,101.00 is in the form of fixed deposits and savings account.
  • The Distt Administration now taking keen interest to restart this mission in a modified form very shortly.