Traffic Park

Traffic Park in District Sirsa has been established with an objective to make people know how to save millions of lives through safe and responsible driving. It aims at spreading awareness about Road Safety.


It is widely recognized today that the internalization of road rules and road discipline by the road users is a critical prerequisite for ensuring safer roads and a smoother flow of traffic.
The Traffic park is located  adjoining to e-Disha Center, Mini Secretariat, Sirsa over an area of 3.5 Acres (14800 Sq Meters) for which funds amounting to Rs. 66.00 lacs have been utilized under B.R.G.F. Scheme.
The Traffic park is covered by grassy lawns, flowers beds, plants, trees and the cemented driver test track constructed for training on road safety.
The Traffic Park is designed with double lane road in three parallel roads having signal lights at each chowk, Road Curves, Incline / decline, T-Intersections, U-Turn point, Valley, Bridge, Sharp turning points, Blinkers with stop sign and railway crossing have also been provided.
A large sign board highlighting the statutory traffic signs and rules has also been installed.
Driving tests and driving knowledge tests are also being conducted in this park for the purpose of driving licenses. This being located adjacent to the e-Disha Center, no inconvenience is caused to the public for performing driving tests etc.  Passing of vehicles for registration purposes is also being done in this park.
It is proving to be very useful for the public. In the evening, this park is being utilized for recreational activities and evening walk.
Future Plan : A Solar demonstration unit is proposed to be constructed within the premises of this park.