District Sirsa is situated in the southern part of Haryana State. It touches the boundaries of pan>Punjab State (District Bathinda, Firozepur and Faridkot) and Rajasthan State (District Ganga Nagar). In distt Sirsa, Bus Service is the major means of Public transport. After 2.5 Years of formation of Distt Sirsa, the sub-centre was upgraded as Depot on 1.4.1978. At that time, population of Distt Sirsa was about 6Lacs and this depot has 102 buses, which covered a distance of 26000 KMs every day, out of which 1644 KMs in Punjab, 1676 KMs in Rajasthan, 206 KMs in Uttar Pradseh, 405 KMs in Delhi. The total distance covered on interstate route was 3931 KMs. At that time, 500 employees used to work for temporary workshop and Bus Stand, while the set-up was lacking basic amenities.

Presently, the depot has 174 Buses, in which about 63000 passengers travel on daily basis. These cover a distance of 52100 KMs daily out of which 4582 KMs in Punjab, 5534 KMs in Rajasthan, 416 KMs in Uttar Pradesh and 1056 KMs in Delhi. The total distance covered daily on interstate routes is 11998 KMs and within Haryana is 40108 KMs.

The new bus stands in Sirsa and Dabwali were constructed with an expenditure of 69.53 Lacs and 20.38 Lacs respectively. These were inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Devi Lal on 3rd and 4th November 1987 respectively. The total land of Bus Stand Sirsais 14 Acre, 6 Kanal which costs around Rs 15.15 Lacs, whereas the total land of sub-depot Dabwali is 4 Acre, 5 Kanal and 10 Marlas, which costs around Rs 3.15 Lacs.

Apart from this, Bus Stands at Ellenebad and Rania have been constructed for the convenience of Public. The land for bus stand Ellenebad is 6 Acre, 7 Kanal and 16 Marlas which costs around Rs 3.75 Lacs. An expenditure of Rs 2421800 was incurred on its construction. The land for Bus Stand Rania is 4 Acre and 4 Marlas, which costs around Rs 9.53 Lacs. An expenditure of Rs 2441600 was incurred on its construction.

Keeping in view the privatisation policy, the Govt has issued permits to private operators on local routes. Presently such 170 Buses are plying in Distt Sirsa. Inspite of the competition of these Private operators, the income has yielded to be 9.02 Paise per KM.

As on June 2000, 936 officials and 7 class II Officers are working in this depot.

Though 22 years have elapsed since the formation of this Depot, yet no permanent Workshop has been constructed, however, the best efforts are put to run the whole show in an organised way.

Source: GM Harayana Roadways, Sirsa.

Indian Railways :

Sirsa is situated on REWARI – BATHINDA – SECTION 244.30 Kms from Rewari. It is a “B” Class Station. The major achievements of Indian Railways at District Sirsa during last 25 Years are as below :-

  1. Connected with Broad Gauge Railway Line on 28th January 1994.
  2. High Level Platform constructed by Railways Engineering Department in 1994.
  3. Second Class Waiting Hall modified in December 1999.
  4. General Manager of Railways awarded the Station on 28th January 2000.
  5. Computerised Railway Ticket Reservation has been started at Sirsa Railway Station w.e.f. 25th October, 2002.
  6. There is Direct Link to Amritsar (Punjab) and Jaipur (Rajasthan) by Express Trains No. 9771-9772 and Sirsa – NZM – Sirsa by Express Train No. 4085-4086.
  7. Single gate No. 143 replaced by Double Gate System at GT Roadto provide safety to Road Users.
  8. FCI SIDING constructed at Sirsa at Down-Side. FCI Loading has been done in FCI Siding in Block Rakes yearly 20 Blocks since 1994.
  9. Two ticket windows have been opened for the sale of Tickets for the facility of passengers.
  10. Level Crossing Gate No. B-144 is converted into double lifting barrier system for convenience of public as well as for the safety purpose, which was earlier with single lifting barrier system.
  11. Work of Second New Booking office towards Sangwan Chowk is in progress as an additional facility for passenger.
  12. Work of Foot-over-bridge is in progress as an additional facilitiyfor passengers.
  13. Work of Colour light signaling is in progress for ensuring greater safety and fast movement of trains.

Source: Station Supdt. (NR) Sirsa.

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