Zila Sainik Board

Organisation :

The office of Zila Sainik Board, Sirsa had organised and started functioning the work wef 29th August 1979. This office is meant for the welfare of Ex-Servicemen, Widows and their dependents which is enumerated as under :

Financial Assistance :

Ex-Servicemen : The Govt had started the scheme wef 1.12.1982 whose age become 70 Years and rate of financial assistance was @ Rs 50/- per month. Later on this amount had been increased to Rs 100/- per month and age factor was also relaxed to 65 years on 1.4.1984, but this amount had further been increased to Rs 200/- per month wef 1.4.1994 and age relaxation was also given to 60 years. At present, 296 ESM, 357 Widows, 11 disabled ESM and 1 orphan child and 3 widows are additional pension. The rates of financial assistance is given below :-

ESM Rs 200/- Per Month
Widows Rs 200/- Per Month
Disabled ESM Rs 200/- Per Month
Widows for Addl. Pension Rs 50/- upto 3 Children *
Orphan Child Rs 450/- Per Month

Financial Assistance out of Flag Day Fund :

This Financial Assistance is being given to distress ESM/Widows @ Rs 500/- by Secretary and Rs 1000/- by the worthy DC and President Zila Sainik Board Sirsa. At present, 13 beneficiaries have been paid Rs 6500/- out of Flag Day Fund.

Financial Assistance out of Army Welfare Fund :

These cases of distress grant are being scrutinised by Head Qtr, 81 Sub area (Bathinda) on the format-DD-40 (Rev) and sanctioned the amount as being fit.

Financial Assistance from Raksha Mantri’s discretionary Fund :

Marriage grant Rs 8000/- to poor ESM/Widows (War Widows), In Firm ESM/Widows and Repair of House to War Widows. At present, 16 beneficiaries have been paid an amount of Rs 2,58,500/- on account of distress/demise/ACWF(K) Fund.

Interest Subsidy : The Interest Subsidy is being given to ESM/Widows loanee at the following rates :

Amount Rates
Upto Rs. 50,000/- 6% to be borne by the loanee
50,000 to 2,00,000 9% to be borne by the loanee
2,00,000 to 5,00,000 10% to be borne by the loanee

Stipend :

Only one child of ESM/Widows who is studying in BA Final class, whose income doesn’t exceed Rs 36,000/- Per Annum is eligible for the same.

Ex-Gratia : Ex-Gratia to the war disabled ESM and Widows of Martyres is given as under :

Disabled ESM @ Rs 6,00,000 and depends upon percentage of disability.
Martyr’s Widows @ Rs 10,00,000/-

At present, Three Widows of OPERATION VIJAY (KARGIL) have been paid Rs 30,00,000/- as ex-gratia.

Gallantry Award Winners : The gallantry award winners are given the amount as follows :

Award Ex-Gratia Amount
PVC 1.5 Lac 3000/- P.A.
MVC 1 Lac 1200/- P.A.
VrC 50000/- 900/- P.A.
Ashok Chakra 1 Lac 2400 P.A.
Kirti Chakra 50000/- 900/- P.A.
Shaurya Chakra 30000/- 600/- P.A.
Sena Medal 20000/- 600/- P.A.
Mention in Despatches 10000/-

At present, one VRC and three Sena Medals and two mention in dispatches are being paid annuity as shown above.

Training :

Various trainings through Sainik Parivar Bhawan Panchkula is being imparted. At present 5 Wards of ESM sponsored for the various trainings in the Sainik Pariwar Bhawan and 3 Wards of ESM/Widows have been imparted training during 2000-2001.

Employment : So far, 28 Ex-servicemen and their dependants and widows have been given jobs during the year 2001-2002. The total on live register is 289.

Census : The Census of ESM as on 31.12.2001 is as under :

No. of ESM 3299 No. of Family Members of ESM 10633
No. of War Widows 8 No. of Family Members of ESM 7
No. of Widows of ESM 755 No. of Family Members of Widows of ESM 2265
No. of serving persons 667 No. of Family Members of Serving Person 1991

Total : 19625